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Chewing Gum Removal
Chewing gum has become one of the fastest growing environmental problems in recent years. Most pavements and streets across Glasgow, Lanarkshire and central Scotland are spoiled by discarded chewing gum which is extremely difficult to remove using traditional methods.

However, Paveclean's environmentally friendly equipment and chemicals successfully removes chewing gum from tarmac, stone, concrete slabs and other hard surfaces leaving them completely free from unsightly dried chewing gum. It also reduces the risk of any health or environmental issues that discarded chewing gum may cause.

Graffiti Removal
Paveclean also specialise in graffiti removal in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and central Scotland. Using professional pressure washing equipment, combined with non-hazardous and environmentally friendly graffiti removers and warm water, we can remove graffiti from any type of porous and non-porous surface quickly and efficiently at any time which is convenient to you.

Paveclean can also protect solid, absorbent and painted surfaces against graffiti attacks and other contamination. The protective coatings are applied by brush or spray and allow the treated substrate to breathe.

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